Case Study 1

Service Stream

Since March 2021, Adelaide Traffic Control has been delivering high-quality and efficient traffic solutions for Councils and businesses across South Australia. Our recent work with Service Stream illustrates our expertise and capability beyond any doubt, not to mention the quality of the services our team is known for delivering.

Adelaide Traffic Control was contracted by Service Stream to perform a variety of traffic management activities including the development of traffic management and guidance schemes, pedestrian and vehicle control, establishment of exclusion zones and signage placement for the sum of half a million dollars. Throughout our engagement, Service Stream was performing reactive maintenance on roads, meaning that our teams had to factor in the additional workers and equipment that would be present when developing suitable plans for managing traffic.

The skills and expertise maintained by our team allowed us to design and implement a fitting traffic management plan that ensured that our workers, the workers of Service Stream, and nearby pedestrians were safe. Through smart diversion of traffic onto appropriate roads, and the establishment of a comfortably sized traffic exclusion zone, we enabled Service Stream’s workers to perform reactive maintenance on the target roads whilst minimising the impact that our work had on other areas. With proper signage, we prevented interruptions from pedestrians and vehicles which
meant that the work was completed in a shorter timeframe and as a result, the road was able to be reopened sooner. Although we were not required to implement it, we had additional traffic management schemes prepared in case the scope of the job increased so that we could – in a cost-effective manner – expand the exclusion zones without severely impacting work or road efficiency.

Overall, our teams managed to deliver innovative traffic management solutions for Service Stream whilst simultaneously minimising the impact our works had on public roads