Case Study 2

Mitcham City Council

As a business created in and local to South Australia, we work closely with various South Australian businesses and organisations to ensure the safety of pedestrians, motorists, and workers alike.

We were recently engaged by Mitcham City Council to manage traffic around their tree pruning operations to ensure that the works were conducted safely and without pedestrian or vehicular interruption.

Adelaide Traffic Control drafted and implemented customised road and traffic control schemes designed to clear the area of distractions and dangers so that the workers present were safe and free to perform their duties. Our traffic control schemes were able to seamlessly redirect traffic onto other suitable sides and main roads in order to prevent a build-up of unnecessary traffic.

In doing so, we managed to maintain near-maximum road efficiency and minimised the level of disruption that the tree pruning operations had on local citizens. We also supplied a series of pedestrian exclusion zones which were especially important for this job due to falling hazards and the proximity of many trees to sidewalks. Since falling branches can severely injure individuals passing underneath, we had to establish safe zones around each specific pruning area to account for the unpredictability of falling branches. We also established exclusion zones for isolated trees to guarantee pedestrian safety around all trees.

Our exclusion zones were supported with appropriately placed signage to inform passing pedestrians, ensuring their safety throughout the delivery of works.