Work Zone Traffic Management

Adelaide Traffic Control can arrange all of your traffic management requirements, from a basic road closure to lane closures and much more.

Traffic management is about more than simply diverting traffic. 

Pedestrian Control

Working on footpaths or near busy pedestrian zones requires setup of restricted access areas to create a physical barrier for pedestrians. We have a wide ranges of methods to keep pedestrians out of the work area whilst keeping them safe.

Community Event Traffic Management

Holding an event in a public space such as on the road requires a very different type of Traffic Management from that of normal roadworks. The hazards for both participants and traffic are greatly increased.

Traffic Guidance Schemes

Our team assess your traffic management needs and design cost effective solutions for your specific requirements.

Efficient planning gives you great savings in time, resources and increased safety.

Trained Traffic Controllers

Altering the road network will require the use of a trained and experienced team. Adelaide Traffic Control can supply our personnel at to deliver effective solutions for your specific requirements.

Permits To Work

We can save you money and time on your road authority approvals with no surprises – enabling you to better plan your project. 

We can provide a complete permit sourcing service from application to approval.